I’ve been holding onto these photos way too long. I figured now is a good time to share them with you.
Happy 4th of July Weekend everyone. I hope it’s a great one.
Oh and P.S. that guitar isn’t for looks, this girl can legitamately sing.
Model Credit goes to the stunning Kristin Johnson
Styling by Kristin and Me
Film of choice: Portra 400

Melissaperlman-4th of July Blog_0101

Melissaperlman-4th of July Blog_0102

Melissaperlman-4th of July Blog_0103

Melissaperlman-4th of July Blog_0104

Melissaperlman-4th of July Blog_0105

Melissaperlman-4th of July Blog_0106

Melissaperlman-4th of July Blog_0107

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Melissaperlman-4th of July Blog_0109

Melissaperlman-4th of July Blog_0110

Melissaperlman-4th of July Blog_0111

Melissaperlman-4th of July Blog_0112

Melissaperlman-4th of July Blog_0113

Melissaperlman-4th of July Blog_0114

Melissaperlman-4th of July Blog_0115

Melissaperlman-4th of July Blog_0116

Melissaperlman-4th of July Blog_0117

Melissaperlman-4th of July Blog_0118


This Engagement Session tugs at my heart strings a little bit. I had met Kelsey I think when she was in junior high. Even then she was such a cool person. And you all know how awkward that time of your life is. I know I look back and think…why would you wear those PLEATHER PINK PANTS!!! Ugh, if I could go back and change some things…
I could tell she thought for herself and had a gentle soul by having one conversation with her. Thankfully, she met Zac, who is equally as cool and sweet. As a photographer I’m lucky enough to catch quick glimpses of my couples to see how they really are with each other. What I loved most about these two was the mutual respect and kindness toward one another. Sadly, I think that’s very rare in many marriages today and probably one of the hardest things to learn. So here is my prayer for these two love birds…
I pray you will continue to have your gentle spirits and that you will be each others high in low times. I pray that you will have amazing adventures while growing together. Always go back to the love that you share and don’t forget to have fun! Hugs to you both.

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0100

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0123

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0122

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0121

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0120

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0119

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0118

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0117

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0116

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0115

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0114

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0113

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0112

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0111

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0110

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0109

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0108

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0107

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0106

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0105

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0104

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0103

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0102

Melissaperlman-Kelsey and Zac Blog_0101


I can not even begin to tell you how grateful I was to have been able to photograph this wedding. When I found out I was pregnant and I was due in late July, I was a little nervous, no very nervous, that I would miss out on the Babin’s Mammoth wedding. Thankfully, Kai was born 2 weeks before their date. HA! A whole 2 weeks! What was I thinking taking this wedding. I must have been crazy! Let me tell you, I am so glad I did. Travis and Megan’s sweet ceremony was just what I needed to remember why I am a photographer since I was all caught up in being a new Mama.

Megan and Travis were sweet enough to accommodate for Kai and my Husband so they could come with me to Mammoth. So we packed up our CRV with a newborn and headed to a magical location. The drive and the time away from our cramped, baby filled apartment was just what we needed. As nice as it was to have family and friends visiting Kai it was nice to breathe, take in some fresh air and see what we were like as a family of three. And thats what this wedding was, a breath of fresh air. Not only did our family need to be with each other, but my photo brain needed to be inspired and taken to a wedding where pinterest wasn’t the founder. Don’t get me wrong I love pinterest, its usually my go to when I need some inspiration. However, I’ve seen a lot of repeats lately. This wedding was planned because it meant something to them. From baseball details to quotes from Megan’s students, everything had a purpose. I think every one of their guests appreciated the special cookies that were made by Travis’ Mom. I know I did:)

The ceremony was held at their favorite lake, while the reception and where we all stayed was at Convict Lakes Resort.
You are completely surrounded by mountains, deer, and a whole lot of beauty. The setting however, was not as beautiful as this family being united. You could feel the excitement in the guests and of course in Megan and Travis. Two of the sweetest people got married that day and I can’t wait to see what they will accomplish in this world together.
Morgan, Kai, and I love you both and wish you nothing but the best.


































Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0101 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0102 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0103 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0104 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0105 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0106 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0107 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0108 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0109 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0110 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0111 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0112 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0113 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0114 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0115 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0116 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0117 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0118 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0119 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0120 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0121 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0122 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0123 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0124 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0125 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0126 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0127 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0128 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0129 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0130 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0131 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0132 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0133 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0134 Melissaperlman-Carissa+Ryan Wedding_0135


Ok guys…So I am now past my due date. And yes I feel good. If pregnant ladies could drink, it would be a really easy game to take a shot every time someone asked, “how are you feeling?” Maybe we could replace the alcohol with some chocolate syrup or whipped cream hahah! I’d be game for that!
Anyways, as I am sitting here taking in what is the start of motherhood, I thought I would post my amazing expecting photos taken by the lovely Jen Golay from Daily Life Photography I can not thank her enough for coming out and making this shoot extra special for me. She had a vision and made me feel awesome in a time when most women don’t feel the prettiest. They came out timeless and full of light. Can you tell I love them? Ok well enjoy!
Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0101

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0102

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0103

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0104

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0105

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0106

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0107

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0108

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0109

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0110

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0111

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0112

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0113

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0114

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0115

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0116


Melissaperlman-Mikie and Mandy_0100

Melissaperlman-Mikie and Mandy_0101

Melissaperlman-Mikie and Mandy_0102

Melissaperlman-Mikie and Mandy_0103

Melissaperlman-Mikie and Mandy_0104

Melissaperlman-Mikie and Mandy_0105

Melissaperlman-Mikie and Mandy_0106

Melissaperlman-Mikie and Mandy_0107

Melissaperlman-Mikie and Mandy_0108

Melissaperlman-Mikie and Mandy_0109

Melissaperlman-Mikie and Mandy_0110

Melissaperlman-Mikie and Mandy_0111

Melissaperlman-Mikie and Mandy_0112

Melissaperlman-Mikie and Mandy_0113

Melissaperlman-Mikie and Mandy_0114

Melissaperlman-Mikie and Mandy_0115

Melissaperlman-Mikie and Mandy_0116


Gina and Brady’s Italian inspired winery Wedding has been published by Trendy Bridal Magazine!!! http://trendybride.net/wedding-magazine/ I hope that you guys can pick up an issue for your coffee table to look at when you need some seriously beautiful inspiration for your event or wedding. It is available at Barnes and Noble’s next week or you can order it on their website. I am thrilled to be apart of such a gorgeous magazine. Every page is oozing with talent and classical beauty but you should find out for yourself and pick one up ;)

Melissa Perlman-Brady and Gina
MelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-101
Melissa Perlman Brady and Gina
MelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-104MelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-105MelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-106MelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-107MelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-108View More: http://nonelikeyou.pass.us/brady-gina-weddingView More: http://nonelikeyou.pass.us/brady-gina-weddingMelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-111MelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-112MelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-113Melissa Perlman Brady and GinaMelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-115MelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-116MelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-117MelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-118MelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-119View More: http://nonelikeyou.pass.us/brady-gina-weddingMelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-121View More: http://nonelikeyou.pass.us/brady-gina-weddingMelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-123MelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-124MelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-125MelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-126View More: http://nonelikeyou.pass.us/brady-gina-weddingMelissaPerlmanPhotography-Gina and Brady-128




It’s been quite a year and Morgan is a constant surprise to me. Our lives are changing in such a drastic way and he has been my rock in all of it. Every time I think that I’ve reached the most I can love him he makes me love him more. Today is his Birthday so i thought I would post a few pictures of him. I’ve started a little collection of photos since he is usually my subject when we are out. I love his blue eyes against his dark hair. Hopefully, our baby get those blue eyes. Happy Birthday Babe! I am so proud to call you my Husband.

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