This Wedding will be split up into 2 that’s right 2! Blog Posts because I have to share these photos with you :)

Aaron and Savannah’s Wedding will always be one of my favorites. The location was Lake Arrowhead and held at Savannah’s parent’s house. Although there was a large guest list,  it didn’t take away from having the intimacy that was so beautiful and  genuine. If you can imagine a place where tall trees were hugging you while dancing under the stars and twinkling lights, then you have imagined this wedding. I know a lot goes into throwing a wedding but it’s another matter when the whole family hand stains all of the wood chargers and creates an atmosphere to get married in.

The girl’s got ready in Savannah’s Grandparents home just down the street from the ceremony site.  The home itself was gorgeous along with the view but the air in the house was even more beautiful. It was filled with the laughter of the girl’s, the tears from her Mom when Savannah opened a specially made bracelet, her Grandpa asking if he could take decorations over for her, and the popping noise of champagne. Oh yeah and Bridesmaids playing in the background. :)

The guys’s were a little different of course. hahah! I had left a house in which no girl wanted to eat and into another house where pizza and beer were a must before they walked down the aisle. Oh and golf was in the background while they got ready. Even in a house full of boy’s you could feel the love for Aaron and Savannah. His Best Man yelling out orders making sure everyone knew what was going on, all of them excitedly opening up their ties and socks from Aaron, or his Dad calming his Mom down before her son said I Do.

All photos were taken with Film.


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