Ok guys…So I am now past my due date. And yes I feel good. If pregnant ladies could drink, it would be a really easy game to take a shot every time someone asked, “how are you feeling?” Maybe we could replace the alcohol with some chocolate syrup or whipped cream hahah! I’d be game for that!
Anyways, as I am sitting here taking in what is the start of motherhood, I thought I would post my amazing expecting photos taken by the lovely Jen Golay from Daily Life Photography I can not thank her enough for coming out and making this shoot extra special for me. She had a vision and made me feel awesome in a time when most women don’t feel the prettiest. They came out timeless and full of light. Can you tell I love them? Ok well enjoy!
Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0101

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0102

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0103

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0104

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0105

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0106

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0107

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0108

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0109

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0110

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0111

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0112

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0113

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0114

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0115

Melissaperlman-Belly Kai_0116